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Chelsee Shafer, Teacher and Director My name is Chelsee Shafer. I am proud to be a teacher at our outstanding preschool. According to the state requirements for teaching preschool, I possess a Child Development Associate. I spent many years as a parent at this preschool, as both of my girls attended early 3s, 3s, and the 4 year program with Miss...

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What is a Cooperative Preschool? At The Grass Lake Cooperative Preschool you will be actively involved in your child’s education. The unique opportunities of assisting in the classroom, working side by side with your child’s teacher, participating in field trips, and interacting with other families in the community with the same goals...

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Tuition Rates Early 3’s Early 3’s Assisting: $50.00/month Early 3’s Non-Assisting: $70.00/month 3 Year Old’s 3 Year Old Assisting: $100.00/month 3 Year Old Non-Assisting: $140.00/month Pre-K / 4’s Pre-K (4’s) Assisting: $135.00/month Pre-K (4’s) Non-Assisting: $180.00/month Pre-K / 4’s With Wed PM...

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Blocks Art Cooking Playground Hard at work Playground in winter Classroom Pledge of Allegiance Circle time Apples Sliding Friends Story time Blocks Artists at work Birthday party Coloring Saying grace Bouncing Block tower Sensory table Chalkboard Riding Friends Sharing Reading Weighing squash Christmas Christmas reading Christmas play Friends...

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